About Bush Fire Project

The primary mission of Bush Fire Project is to support the Bush Fire Community, located about 50 kilometers East of Jinja. There are approximately 60 children now living in the Bush Fire Children’s Home, which was established in 2003 by Uganda Family Resource Link (UFRL). Orphaned and neglected children are cared for by a loving staff and become part of a Christian family. What began as a single children’s home has grown to form a community that now includes a church, health clinic, primary and a secondary school, farm and vocational training center. This was made possible the past few years by financial support not only through Bush Fire Project, but also through individuals, churches and organizations from around the world.

What We Do

Bush Fire Project is an entirely volunteer organization that provides support through material and monetary donations directly to Uganda Family Resource Link to help meet both practical and financial needs of the Bush Fire Community. Additionally, Bush Fire Project directors meet regularly with UFRL directors for planning purposes and through direct personal involvement provide bible teaching, skills training, administrative assistance, and discipleship. When first begun in 2005, Bush Fire Project goals were to construct a primary school, maintain operation of the school and health clinic, enlarge the farm to increase food available to Bush Fire, and to expand the children’s home so that more children could receive care. Since then we, along with other supporters from around the world, have watched Bush Fire grow and transform into a Christ-centered community in rural Uganda where hope and help now exist not only for children at Bush Fire, but also for individuals and families living in the surrounding villages. We remain visionary and seek to support the Lord’s plan for growth at Bush Fire. However, sustaining operation of what currently exists is paramount. While building projects are a part of the process of growth, we recognize the need to maintain the operation of what has already been established.

Biblical business training class

Biblical business training class


The Vision

Bush Fire Project and Uganda Family Resource Link share a vision. We work together to provide food, clothing, housing, health care, and an education to children in need and extend support beyond the boundaries of Bush Fire into the nearby villages, but ultimately, the goal is something even greater. The true vision of Bush Fire is multigenerational and encompasses lives even of those yet to be born. Our common desire is to see individuals and families at Bush Fire and in the surrounding areas turn their hearts to Jesus, grow strong in the Lord, and walk in His truths so that their lives are transformed in such a way that they impact future generations for the glory of God.

The children who come to live at Bush Fire become part of a family not an institution. They are not viewed in terms of how many of them can be put through a program in a given period of time. The children enter into a family that is established by a covenant relationship rather than a contract. The children do not stop being part of Bush Fire  when they become adults. We have been blessed to have a number of the children who have completed their schooling choose to take up positions as staff at Bush Fire.  The heart of Uganda Family Resource Link is that they raise up these children as their own and continue to maintain a relationship with them into adulthood. We anticipate many blessings in the lives of these children and their future families as a direct result of faithfulness to this multigenerational vision.

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